Juandre Baynham has worked his way up the manufacturing ladder, starting in  dispatch, then working his way up to laser operator while studying part-time as a draughtsman. Juandre is passionate about the manufacturing sector and delivers a unique experience when it comes to learning SigmaNEST.


SigmaNEST Programming Certificate.
SigmaNEST QUOTE Client Certificate.
SigmaNEST Essentials Certificate.


Multi-disciplinary drafting certifications, Academic Institute of Excellence.


With 10+ years of experience in sheet metal manufacturing, Juandre is able to use real-world manufacturing examples within the SigmaNEST environment during his hands-on training courses. Juandre being a SigmaNEST power user for over 5 years, allows you, the student, the opportunity to gain inside knowledge from someone who has gotten their hands dirty in the industry.