Are you using your CAD/CAM software to its full potential?

Enhance the CAD/CAM skills and capabilities of your team with a MECAD Training Assessment

The assessment is a tool in the form of a test to gauge the level of core knowledge and capabilities of each user in a drawing office or CNC machine environment. Each assessment test is based on the environments and workflows the team spends the most time in.  

Some CAD/CAM users say, “I don’t know what I don’t know” and leave it at that with no desire to be more efficient. Because the software constantly evolves with new ways to speed up your designs and increase manufacturing productivity across the board, you may lose out on valuable tools to save your business time and resources! By assessing your team MECAD can analyse each individual and pinpoint areas where the user can increase their proficiency and overall capabilities.  

After each assessment MECAD provides a detailed report highlighting the assessment’s findings and user results. The report provides management with a clear overview of the general design or manufacturing ability of the entire group alongside the strengths and weaknesses of each user.  

MECAD then provides a unique training path that focuses on addressing the shortcomings of the drawing office or manufacturing division and individual users. Dedicated training is the best way to establish the same level of software knowledge and competence among the users. Instead of having your senior designers share bad habits and long workflows with the group, the training assessment will ultimately enable the division to use the most optimised workflows available.  

Reasons why your design team needs a Training Assessment 

Ensure your team harnesses the latest CAD/CAM Technology & Usage Techniques 

Increase Team Morale & Confidence 

Ensure correct and efficient usage of your software 

How does the MECAD Training Assessment work?

How does the MECAD Training Assessment work
Are you using your CAD/CAM software to its full potential? 3

STEP 1: ANALYSE Your Software Usage

We do an in-depth analysis of your design and/or manufacturing divisions to determine where productivity can be improved.

STEP 2: REPORT Results & Findings

Using our reported findings, we will create a tailored training path unique to your company’s needs.

STEP 3: TRAIN Individual Users

Depending on the productivity gaps, we will suggest the correct MECAD training courses for your team to upskill and increase efficiency. Suggested training may also include customised one-on-one sessions with individual team members for specialised fields.

MECAD Academy classroom, virtual or online training courses may include an examination with a minimum passing grade before certificates are awarded. This is to ensure your team has acquired adequate levels of competence in the skills covered by the course curriculum.

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